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Where this isn’t the case, you may have to apply for approval as an excise warehouse.

At the very least 14 days before you intend to start brewing or wish to begin packaging in duty suspension.

Therefore, from April 2017, any business purchasing beer for onward sale or supply from you should check that you have been approved as an alcohol wholesaler.

To apply for approval, see Excise Notice 2002: Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme.

However, please note that, in some cases, it may take up to 45 working days to process your application - see paragraph 3.6.

You can only start to brew or package beer if you hold a valid registration (unless exempt under paragraph 4.4). See section 4 if you intend to brew beer and section 5 if you wish to be registered for packaging in duty suspension.

Registration covers the: Only producers and packagers of beer may be registered under the Beer Regulations 1993.

If you’e not a producer or packager of beer, you may hold beer in duty suspension in an authorized Excise warehouse. The classes of beer are as follows: Brewers and their brewery premises will normally be registered to produce, hold and move the beer they produce in duty suspension - classes A and B.

In the Alcoholic Liquor Duties Act 1979, beer is defined as including: We will make visits to make sure duty is being correctly assessed and accounted for on all beer leaving registered premises.When we intend to carry out our checks we will normally make a prior appointment.Occasionally, we may make visits without appointment but the attending officer will give the reason for the unannounced visit.Details of any changes to the previous version can be found in paragraph 1.2 of this notice.Excise Notice 196: excise goods - registration and approval of warehousekeepers, warehouse premises, owners of goods and registered consignors Excise Notice 197: Receipt into and removal from an excise warehouse of excise goods Excise Notice 203a: registered consignees Notice 204a: Temporary Registered Consignees Excise Notice 204b: commercial importers and tax representatives - trade in duty paid excise goods Excise Notice 207: Excise Duty drawback Excise Notice 209: civil penalties - fixed, geared and daily Notice 275: Customs export procedures Notice 431: visiting forces Notice 700: the VAT guide This notice explains the effects of the law and regulations covering the production, storage and accounting for duty on beer.

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