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Andree and Rick Jolicoeur have spent months battling with Walmart Canada Bank after ,600 was fraudulently charged to their credit card.

Several phone calls to the call service centre revealed that because the card has a chip and the purchaser used the correct PIN to make the charge, Walmart Canada Bank was not liable.

"[They] started accusing me of being in cahoots with the thieves and giving them my PIN and said I was basically a thief," Rick Jolicoeur said. I had to get off the phone." Walmart Canada Bank stands by its decision to not reverse the charges.

"All of the information has to be stored somewhere," she said.

"Be vigilant and always make sure you know where your card is." The Jolicoeurs say they didn't notice the wallet was missing until about two hours after they left their hotel, and when they tried to pay for groceries.

We have enabled non-Visa debit transaction processing on the PLUS, CO-OP, and STAR network(s).

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"The majority of fraudulent chip and PIN transactions are not reversed if a correct PIN is used, particularly on the first try." Jolicoeur admitted he never read his agreement, but wonders why the company doesn't make this caveat clearer.

"They never ever tell that if your card is stolen and the PIN is used, you're on the hook for it," he said.

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