Gretchen housewives still dating slade Tits seksi chatti

While joined by new housewife Kelly Dodd, Gunvalson and Rossi shared several photos of their group on social media.

"You give her enough time and she'll bury herself," Slade declared.

"I thinks she makes a lot of digs at Gretchen, doesn't she? we've bonded over some of the things Tamra did to us, and that's how we got so close actually," she revealed.

While filming on season 11 was believed to have been completed weeks ago, Rossi recently spent time with Vicki Gunvalson and former Bravo star Lizzie Rovsek in Southern California.

Rossi was giving us her best sexy Eskimo on the red carpet, while Slade dressed as a gladiator.

Though the couple's no longer on the show, both stars had some strong opinions about their former costars.

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