Dating darling blog

During our first party, my husband and I went to the bed room with another couple, my husband and the other girl got done and returned to the party before me and my man.

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Except it did happen, and the situation continues to evolve and get more strange.

my wife would be dressed real classy in some nice silk underwear with an expensive evening dress, hair all done and nice jewellery.

she would then be taken to seedy dirty places like adult theaters, truck stops, mens rooms, alleyways, industrial areas and old buildings and whored out to whoever for 10 bucks a pop, nothing would be off limits to whoever wanted her.

But that first time, on the boat at Lake Powell, it was like I was looking […] I’ve bent over backwards to please my wife.

We’ve got a healthy appetite for sex as a couple, but her ambition just grows and grows.

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