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Polyhedral tools are edged in the shape of a polyhedron. Some of these functions belong also to heavy-duty tools. Utilized pieces are tools that began with one purpose in mind but were utilized opportunistically.Oldowan tools were probably used for many purposes, which have been discovered from observation of modern apes and hunter-gatherers. Oldowan tools were used during the Lower Paleolithic period, 2.6 million years ago up until 1.7 million years ago, by ancient hominids across much of Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe.This technological industry was followed by the more sophisticated Acheulean industry.Classification of Oldowan tools is still somewhat contentious.Mary Leakey was the first to create a system to classify Oldowan assemblages, and built her system based on prescribed use.Both technologies are occasionally found in the same areas, dating to the same time periods.This realisation required a rethinking of old cultural sequences in which the more "advanced" Acheulean was supposed to have succeeded the Oldowan.

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The label Abbevillian prevailed until the Leakey family discovered older (yet similar) artifacts at Olduvai Gorge (a.k.a.There is a flourishing of Oldowan tools in eastern Africa, spreading to southern Africa, between 2.4 and 1.7 mya.At 1.7 mya., the first Acheulean tools appear even as Oldowan assemblages continue to be produced.Heavy-duty tools could be used as axes for woodworking.Both choppers and large flakes were probably used for this purpose.

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