Dating easier for women

I believe that men have it harder than women because men have to offer more than just looks to a relationship.

I always thoughts that it must be so much easier for men. And it's more accepted if they date a lot women, but it's a nightmare for girls that want to date a lot.

The scales are way too heavily in females favor for me to internet date. We all create our own circles of people, in one way or another. but girls don't need anywhere near as much courage to pick up, because guys will take the initiative and talk to you.

Here and there I'll do it, but screw playing a game that is already rigged against me. By gender responcibilities do you mean childbirth, carrying a child to term, making less money for equal work, being treated like second class citizens, or near certainty of being sexually abused and/or physically abused? In fact, the higher number of males on dating sites contributes to a woman's unlikelihood of finding a suitable partner thanks to the absolute flood of emails that they receive. We may get more responses, but to find somone who's genuinely interested and we're also interested - that is a whole other thing. I can put on my best duds, get my hair did, whatever, and I can sit at a bar all evening looking mysterious and not have a single girl approach me.

Yet I had some rather unattractive females just totally ignore my emails. ASK THE QUESTIONS TO THE GIRL YOU ARE INTERESTED IN! IF SHE CANT HANG - SHE"S NOT WORTH YOUR TIME, ANYWAY!

So in short, the disparity between the respective sexes online makes a bar look as if it's even. at least you'll know I don't know if it's easier...

As a result I'll be like I was as a young man and meet women in the real world again. I'm sorry you aren't having much luck on dating sites. THENWhen we ARE bombarded by all these guys, they assume we are not interested, even if we've done nothing to indicate that to them - except be busy. A girl who went out of her way to look her best(and when a girl's actually trying, her body is the last thing that matters.

I gave these women a survey to find out why they were having trouble and their responses were shocking.

The top 3 things women listed as the reason why they were having trouble dating were: 1.

Motivation – Not sure where to meet men and not doing anything right now to meet men 2.

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It was so great to see that I am achieving my dream!

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