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But 73 per cent of single women polled are being left bitterly disappointed and said their dating experiences have made them fear chivalry is dead.

So it's even not remotely surprising that Charlie is an heir to the private banking fortune Glyn, Mills & Co, which was founded in London in 1753. Carrying an air of importance around him, Charlie loves showing off his passport with his initials carved on it.

Meanwhile four in ten said that they think it is outdated for a man to help a woman put on her coat or pull out a chair for her, while 45 per cent said it was old-fashioned to insist on her ordering first in a restaurant.

To give you a brief overview of the kind of person he is, in a recent interview, he revealed his biggest indulgence is a pair of green crocodile loafers from Hermes.

From breadcrumbing to benching, it can be easy to feel disenchanted.’Other acts of courtesy women said they’d like to see from a love interest included picking her up for a date, letting her use his phone when her battery runs out, and acting keen to meet her friends and family, which were all cited by three quarters of those surveyed.

And in a sign of true Britishness, 72 per cent said it is important he knows how she likes her tea.

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