Sprung the dating game ds walkthrough

Item and Art Guides are updated, and I added a question to the FAQ.

I'd made a mistake on the numbering of her scenes, so I fixed that.

Please note that there are often many ways to finish each individual level of Sprung, although they generally lead to the same conclusion.

The path I lay out for each scene is only an example of one such way to successfully complete the level while maximizing your item gains.

Table of Contents ********************** Use Ctrl F to skip to specific sections of the guide. Added two new pictures to the Art Guide and updated Credits. It's my first submission, so I hope it'll be up to par. Don't call Lucas a poseur, or it could come back to haunt you in a later level. Rundown: There are two ways to go, as the objective suggests. The end results will be the same if you pick one of these two sets of choices. I still feel like I'm missing information on "Serving the Freezing Dish," but the Walkthroughs are pretty much done. Credits ---------------------------------------------- *************** 2. Update Log *************** 01/22/05: All scenes in Becky's Story, both Model and Waitress, are now included in her Walkthrough.

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