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In addition, members agree per UW Credit Union’s Membership and Account Agreement to not write post-dated checks as a form of payment or negotiate checks that are post-dated.State: Georgia I got a call from my landlord today complaining that my rent check was post dated, and that I needed to send a new one ASAP.A post-dated check is any type of check that is dated for sometime in the future.Post-dated checks are "legal tender" and can be cashed at any time once the check writer signs their name on the check.Each account has a unique SID that is issued by an authority, such as an Active Directory domain controller, and stored in a security database.

Event “4771: Kerberos pre-authentication failed.” generates instead.Note A Kerberos Realm is a set of managed nodes that share the same Kerberos database.The Kerberos database resides on the Kerberos master computer system, which should be kept in a physically secure room.I have done so, but my confusion is that she said that post dating a check is illegal.I don't see how this could be true, so I thought I'd run it by this board and see if my instinct is right and that she's just trying to scare me. She didn't tell me the date I had written, but I would guess that I had combined the month the rent was due (February) and the day I wrote the check (the 27th) to create a whole new date. Also, she made it clear that my checks are to be dated the date rent is due every month.

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