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I envied her getting her ass reamed with his tongue. I reached down and felt my asshole as I continued to stroke my pussy. Frank lifted his head and barked a lust-charged command, "I need some tight pussy around my cock." He looked me straight in the eyes with a dangerous look on his face. Looking over my shoulder I could see Frank grasp the side of mom's waist as he move in to mount her. This was the first time the mother became a real person in this three-part tale and I felt finally that I was there witnessing the action and the responses of both women.

Mom's face was turned my way but her eyes were blank and looking inward. "Get the fuck down on the carpet on your hands and knees." Both mom and me obeyed and jumped off our sitting places in a flash and went on hands and knees. I looked back over my shoulder and I could see Frank checking out my pussy from behind. I love the way that makes your ass-cheeks spread so I can see you hot fuckable cunt." Mom and I put our faces to the floor. My girlie parts were screaming to be touched and by previous agreement, I knew Frank wouldn't do that. However, this paragraph was a little hard to swallow except as a role-playing act: "Okay but you have to do everything I say. "Isn't that right, wife." Which brings to mind a situation where the stepdad is tied to the bed and mother and daughter are free to do whatever they want to use him for their personal pleasure.

They are teaching me that I shouldn't be shy of my body.

They are also teaching me about a healthy attitude regarding sex.

I was a cheerleader and all that exercise and gymnastics made my body very tight and toned. We did kissing and making out but never gone all the way.

I could see with sex, they were like tango dancers. But other than that quick flash, I'd never witness a real blow job. This revealed Frank's stiff erection in all its glory. Make them nice and wet." I could hear slurping sounds as she tongued his genitals. Her lips surrounding the head of his manhood was the horniest thing I'd ever seen. "That's right, now stroke that thing." I obeyed and stroked my pussy. It felt so good as I curled my fingers quickly in and around my sex. She threw her head back with her eyes closed and mouth wide open in obvious ecstasy. Normally you are talking dirty and moaning when we fuck. " Mom looks over at me with a guilty look on her face and said, "Yes Frank I love it when you lick my pussy. You're the best." "Your fucking right I am." Directed at me he said, "Got it, young one?

He took the macho role and she was his willing feminine follower. "That's right sweetheart stroke my dick nice and slow. Mom held his staff in one hand and licked around and under his clean-shaven ball-sack. My pussy begged to be touched and I spread my knees and slipped my left hand to my private parts. Mom started stroking the shaft of his penis thinking he was talking to her. One of Frank's hands reached up and grabbed one breast as he continued to munch her crotch. You are the best." He drops his head back to his work and she grasps his head with both her hands. " My pussy was burning up and my mind was totally scrambled, "Sure Frank I got it." "Okay take both your hands and spread your ass-cheeks wide.

A high pitched feminine voice continued, "God, that big cock fills me up in all the right places. Fuck me good." The room was filled with sounds of male and female moaning, grunts and flesh slapping against flesh as they fucked in wild abandon. My mom's head was very close to mine I whispered desperately, "Mom, please, is it okay if Frank touches me down there and gets me off?

The smell of sexual juices, hers and mine filled the air.

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