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You'll want a drip pan underneath them to catch any transmission fluid that comes out of the lines and the radiator.There is also the lower radiator hose that connects to the Water Pump inlet housing which isn't pictured, it was a pain to try and get the hose off so I just unbolted the inlet housing to disconnect it and took the thermostat out.article=23 - The following two books available at or your local Barnes & Noble.- The following threads I got feedback in here at Camaro5: Valve Cover and Transmission cooling line clips: t=122753 Measuring Pushrod length and Lifter preload:

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t=122560 - Engine Torque Specifications are available in both books mentioned above as well as in the following thread: - More torque specs from LS1How To: Once the nut is loosened and the bolts backed out you'll be able to swing the alternator down and toward the driver's side to gain access to the side timing cover bolts later on. Now the real fun begins, grab your 24mm 1/2" socket, a short socket extension, your 1/2" breaker bar, and whatever pipe you have to slip over the breaker bar for some leverage.Put the car in 4th gear and make sure the E-brake is on good.IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE CUT OFF and it can be reused if you use this method as opposed to prying the life out of it with a pry bar 13.With the belts out of the way, go ahead and remove the two eater core hoses from the passenger side of the water pump (have a rag handy to catch any coolant that spills out) and then drape them up out of the way (I put mine up over the piston that supports the hood), and on the driver's side, if you didn't do it earlier, remove the main upper radiator hose, even once the clip is slid back I still had to use some channel locks to break it free from the water pump by twisting it side to side until it broke free.

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