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(Note: The Client should also document here additional specifics around acceptable custom logos including allowed dimensions and allowed content.) To upload an image, the image file must be located on a storage device that is accessible by the personal computer on which you are viewing the Pix Card Designer website.

For any image, you warrant to (Issuer name) that: you are the owner of the image (e.g.

Send your request in an envelope clearly marked “Transfer of Liability” to: Automated Traffic Enforcement Unit, P.

Our Cash Back redemption program provides you with more options to redeem your rewards once you've earned a minimum of in cash back rewards.

it is a photo taken by you) or you have obtained express consent from the image's owner to use the image on your card; and use of the image by (Issuer name) will not infringe any other person's rights, including intellectual property rights, in the image.

(Issuer name) may require evidence of the image owner's consent or of your ownership of the image.

Custom Logos - If the file format is JPG, GIF, TIFF, or BMP, then the logo background color as indicated by the upper-leftmost pixel will be "knocked out" to allow the card background to show.

If the file format is PNG, then no background color knockout occurs and the logo background will be left intact and will overlay the card background.

Cash Back Reward redemption options are outlined within our Score Card Rewards web site at Earn extra bonus points (2X, 3X, 4X or more) at participating online and in-store retailers.

Do not wear hats or sunglasses or other items that could detract from your clear identity.

Use a photo with a light-colored and single-color backdrop for best results.

*Our Members 1st FCU VISA Platinum Cash Back Rewards card will earn 2.0% cash back on all new qualifying net purchases at eligible grocery merchants, wholesale club merchants and gas merchants.

Eligible grocery merchants are classified by standard industry codes (SIC) of 54.

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